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Volunteer activities

construction volunteer

If you are 16 years or older, come help build a home.   Our construction site is open Tuesday through Saturday (7:45am to 3:30pm).

cpted volunteer days

Join the 4th Ward CPTED team once a month on a Saturday morning.  Activities include neighborhood and park clean-ups and community garden harvesting and clean-ups.  For more information, visit this link.

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Ways to Give

hammering 4 habitat (h4h)

H4H is a great fundraising and wall building event for school groups, families, and individuals. At the Paterson Museum, teams build framed walls with donated and decorated 2'x4's. These newly constructed walls will be used in upcoming home building projects.  This event takes place annually in November.  Visit our H4H page for more details.

Books donation

Donate your gently used books to replenish the supplies at our local Free Little Libraries

commemorate your special by partnering with habitat

Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, confirmation, or sweet 16. Read about how one boy raised over $1,000 for Paterson Habitat on his birthday.

other ways

  • Have a bake sale 

  • Take a collection at your church or place of worship

  • Collect spare change for a month (we have house banks you can use)

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Create for Habitat

welcome baskets

You can make welcome baskets of home goods for new Habitat homeowner families. These baskets are presented to the new homeowners at their House Dedication Ceremony.

Build a bookshelf

You can build a bookshelf and stock it with books for the child(ren) of a Habitat homeowner.

window board coverings

You can make window coverings for our homes under construction.  These window coverings help identify these homes as Habitat projects.

house dedication refreshments

You can make refreshments for our next House Dedication Ceremony, which are held twice a year (May and October).

To participate in any of these youth activities, please contact:
Ashley (973) 595-6868 ext. 107, ashley@patersonhabitat.org