Building in Malawi

Partner with a team from Paterson Habitat for Humanity


Travel with a purpose

Volunteer to build in Malawi as we build a strong foundation for orphans & vulnerable children. We will build a modest home for a family headed by adult family members of children who have lost their parents.

10-day itinerary


Nov 2, Friday:           Depart from home
Nov 3, Saturday:       Arrive in Malawi
Nov 4, Sunday:         Orientation and travel to build
Nov 5-8, Mon-Thurs:   Workdays
Nov 9, Friday:          Work day and House Dedication
Nov 10, Saturday:    Explore - Cultural Activity and free time
Nov 11, Sunday:       Departure or independent travel

how to join the team


Join us on this opportunity to contribute to Habitat’s work and create positive change in the world.

For information on how to join the team, please contact:
Ashley Biggs,
(973) 595-6868 ext 107